Real Madrid's potential Neymar deal is not simply a matter of money SBOBET

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Real Madrid's potential Neymar deal is not simply a matter of money SBOBET

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Neymar cannot escape the headlines be they about his goals, his celebrations, or even his mood in the French capital, and as such Real Madrid potentially signing the Brazilian is not merely a matter of money.Dealing with the Parisian club since the Qatari takeover has been notoriously challenging with it also important to remember that no other club were able to pay the funds required to sign the former Santos star in the first place.His 222 million euro transfer fee and a salary thought to be worth around 35m euros a season were the sort of numbers which have totally shifted the market as a whole.When we discuss the 25-year-old's perceived unhappiness in Ligue 1, Real Madrid are seen as the most likely destination should he ever move.The reality is that Los Blancos always look to avoid complicated negotiations over a complicated player, but they are ready to do business if the right deal presents itself.Messages from Neymar's camp have been received in the Spanish capital and they detail the sadness that the former Barcelona forward is currently living with. This has only increased further since Wednesday when Neymar was whistled by his own supporters, despite scoring four goals in a match, because he refused to allow Edinson Cavani to take the penalty which would have made the Uruguayan the club's all-time leading scorer.Others suggest he wishes to return to Spain and that he longs for the competition in LaLiga, however whilst this unfolds he continues to perform on the pitch at a rate that far exceeds that of Cristiano Ronaldo at this moment,SBOBET perhaps even Lionel Messi too.Ronaldo has always been the object of desire for Paris Saint-Germain's chairman, Nasser al-Khelaifi, although the fact is that the club is owned by the state of Qatar via an investment group, it is they who funded the Neymar deal.This deal will have impacted the club's fiscal projections and UEFA are set to assess them with regards to Financial Fair Play regulations soon.Not for the first timeFlorentino Perez has attempted to sign Neymar on two occasions; however he knows that a third attempt will be met with incredible resistance from a financial superpower, which is partly why he never entertains trying to antagonise the French club.Within Valdebebas there are those who warn the president against even being linked with such a deal, they ask him to withdraw from a story that may not have a happy ending.There is a great deal of distrust in Madrid for the forward's father-cum-agent, who keeps indicating that the European champions need to move quickly.However, there are others within Real who encourage such a move, they have asked Perez to give [url=https:/]SBOBET[/url] everything to sign such a star, especially with the club having around 200m euros to spend.Neymar's arrival would have countless benefits in addition to his ability on the pitch, he is perhaps the most commercially viable sportsman in Europe and would be more than able to pick up the slack in that regard should Ronaldo be granted his supposed 'wish' to leave the Spanish capital.PSG have tried to protect their star asset; they don't like his name appearing in the media with regards to transfer speculation.They consider him to be the face of the club in 2018, his presence almost legitimises them as a club that belongs amongst Europe's elite and for this reason they are incredibly against any form of negotiations over his future in Paris.

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Re: Real Madrid's potential Neymar deal is not simply a matter of money SBOBET

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