Cavani, Van Persie, Goretzka and Balotelli are Friday's big transfer market stories

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Cavani, Van Persie, Goretzka and Balotelli are Friday's big transfer market stories

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Another day of transfer market สโบเบ็ต action is in the books, with some deals being completed and many more rumours being discussed.
This is a summary of the day's main stories:- Cavani wants to leave PSG, according to Il Corriere dello Sport. His relationship with Neymar isn't improving and he's looking for a way out. - Rafinha is packing his bags and moving to Inter. He is set to arrive on Sunday and go for a medical on Monday. More details here.- In the end, Leon Goretzka will be a Bayern Munich player, having สโบเบ็ต been confirmed as their new signing. - Balotelli could return to Italy, with La Gazzetta dello Sport claiming that he could move back after a productive spell in Nice. - Robin van Persie is to return to former club Feyenoord. สโบเบ็ต

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Re: Cavani, Van Persie, Goretzka and Balotelli are Friday's big transfer market stories

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