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Everton have experienced a wonderful turnaround since the appointment of Sam Allardyce, with the Toffees looking good for a top half finish this season.
However fans here in The Transfer Tavern are well aware that the club has a long way to go before they can even begin to consider being in a position to compete for Champions League qualification, with recent comfortable defeats to Manchester United and Tottenham
sbobetsc highlighting the vulnerability within the squad. Fans are keen to see this addressed, and following the £27 million signing of Cenk Tosun from Besiktas and Theo Walcott from Arsenal, are hoping to see further additions in the coming weeks. However it appears expectant fans may have to wait for their top striking target to join the club, with Sky Sports reporting that although the Toffees remain interested in a deal for Leicester City’s Jamie Vardy, they are likely to wait until the summer before launching a bid.
Allardyce is a long-time admirer of the England international, but having already signed Tosun and Walcott for a combined fee in the region of £50 million, may have to wait until new funds are made available in the offseason.
Landlord’s Verdict: Jamie Vardy is one of the Premier League’s top strikers, and Everton would receive a serious boost to their squad if the 29-year-old were to be added to the mix.

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