SBOBET Costa v Paulista: A Premier League duel

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SBOBET Costa v Paulista: A Premier League duel

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After receiving the medical all clear, SBOBET Diego Costa has been called on by Diego Simeone for Atletico Madrid's clash against Valencia, and during that game he will come up against an old foe in the form of defender Gabriel Paulista.
The trajectory of the Brazilian-born players has been somewhat similar, with both starring in LaLiga before making the move to London to take on the Premier League.
It was during their time in England that tension was first evident between the pair.
The first time they were on the same pitch was in the 2013/14 season,SBOBET
when Costa was in his first spell at Atletico Madrid and Gabriel was at Villarreal.

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Re: SBOBET Costa v Paulista: A Premier League duel

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