Do not get hurt!

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Do not get hurt!

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Jose Mourinho, Manchester United's defender Paul Pablo, the expensive midfielder did not have any injuries after the breakout of Pablo Sanchez from the field in a game against Newcastle, it was just a change of the tag. OnlyDogpole seems to have a twisted muscle from the warmth of the body. But he still plays normally. The player is playing below the standard. Finally, he was replaced with Michael Carrick in the 66th minute.After being asked whether Pakba was injured or not, Mourinho responded, "He did not have any problems. I just want us to get better in the game with the team that is consistent. I tried to do that with the simple play of Michael Carrick, because he always tried to make everything easy. I also took Alexis (Sanchez) to stand near. (Romero) Luci Gue also because he will be like a striker, the second goal trying to help us win.wwwpic5678

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